Second day of my working life and my brain is overloaded with information. Trying to pick up a new language and retain as much as possible within 5 days seems impossible. Lots of things to remember. Seriously abit tired plus the fact that i am waking up 5.45am everyday in the morning just to go to her house and send her to work.

But this is one of the things i can do before i fly off and then we will not have a chance to meet that much. Nevertheless, we have faith in God that He will protect this relationship.

Last sunday, she paid for my shopping, topping up the rest that my vouchers cannot covered. It’s nice of her to do that. Just got a box of mooncakes for her mum. Hope she likes that. Thank God that i managed to get them cos it was sold out everywhere. Hard to find. We did sort of quarrelled abit over the phone just now because i was supposed to meet her for dinner tomorrow but her mum wanted to meet her too last minute so she has to cancel our appointment. It is disappointing for me but no choice.


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