In need of prayers

For this friday and sat it had been horrible for me. Too long a story for me to update now due to lack of time but i have kept it down in a written form. But i am thankful to God and her for hearing me out and encouraging me to go on.

Do continue to pray for me as i am here. For me to be humble, to keep close to God and be able to know Him more. It is really amazing now when i look at those characters in the bible of how they trusted God in their lives with every little thing. I must learn to do the same thing also, not only here but for the rest of my life.

Life is tough over here and NS is heavenly compared to here. But i know that this is a molding period for me for a greater thing to come in my life. Just as she had said yesterday when i complained to her over the phone, all things have a purpose in life and God will safeguard me. Yes, i will learn to give thanks for the good and bad things here.

Once again, i am thankful to God and also for her who God has put in my life to support me through this period of time. Just as i will love God for the rest of my life, i will love and cherish her too till i breathe my last with God as a witness to this promise of mine to her.


One Response to “In need of prayers”

  1. kimberly Says:

    hey bro! thanks for sharing more when i saw you and ur gf at borders. i’m glad that you’re facing up to this tough time and going thru it with God. if u read my latest blog entry on my mission trip the paragraph labelled “d-day” i did share on how God’s strength was perfected in my weakness.

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