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Leaving again

November 30, 2009

After being back for 5 days, now i am going back to Indo once again. For the past 5 days, i have been very happy because i got to spend everyday with her. I am very touched for all the efforts that she makes to spend time with me when i am back. I am very sorry that if i have been a selfish bf to her for not thinking for her.

There is some changes to my flight which makes me flying back to Indo at night instead of morning. My heart does want to see her very much for one last time before i leave. At the same time, i know that it will be very selfish of me to do that as she has tons of works to do at home.

Everytime when i am leaving her, my heart feels so painful and without the strength from God, i would have collapsed from the pain long ago. Now i know the reason why i was unable to remember her face when i was in Indo for the past 2 months. It was to escape from the pain of not having her by my side. I never knew being in love will be so painful until now.

Father, i do pray for Thy strength to be with me. I also pray for Thee to be in this relationship and watch over it, Lord.


A short rest

November 27, 2009

A rare chance for me to be back in Singapore for a few days and i am thankful to God for this. Finally got to see her again after 2 months and i really do miss her. I am happy that she is understanding during this period of time. I do have lots to update esp those i have written down when internet was not available to me. Maybe if i have time next time, i will post them but now i just want to enjoy my time with her.