Almost break up

I guess things for me finally reached the point whereby i almost could not take it. Had a long talk with her on wed and seriously i was on the verge of telling her that it is better for us to be apart. But i still left the decision to her and see what she wants to do with our relationship. How irony it is when the message for RPG on thursday was ‘Building a happy marriage’, that was why i smsed her and told her that i will like to give it another try for our relationship.

I never knew loving someone is so tough but after the talk on thursday we cleared things up and with God’s help, we are continuing our relationship. Truly without Him, things will be totally different.

The lesson for me is still on patience. Something which is lacking in my life right now and it is tough learning that.

I do pray Father that You will continue to be in this relationship of ours. Be the Head to guide it and preserve it. In our weaknesses, let Your glory be shown so that we can testified that it is You who make this relationship possible, not by our effort but by You alone.


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