I got the same problem everytime when i am coming back to SG. I always demand alot from her when i am back or nearly back. This is one area which i need to keep myself in control and need lots of prayers.

I just have the feelings that sometimes she does not care. The main reason why i am frustrated today was that the timing for my flight is ok for her to pick me up but she does not want to because of her facial appointment. Where are the words that she told me the last time that she will wish to fetch me than send me off? Does she even have the intention of coming to fetch me in her mind? I can understand if she wants to make herself looks better for me but i will prefer her to skip that one and fetch me. Who would not?

The contributing factor to my flare up was someone asked me a ‘chim’ maths question and it caused me to have nightmares for a few nights until i kinda of solve it this afternoon. Seriously i hate maths.


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