Simple life

Not sure of what to write, tons of questions in my mind which make me do not know where to start from.

During my stay here after 4 months, i am living a simple life. At times i wondered why i am living under such tight budget, not that the allowance is not enough for me. Actually it is enough for me to live a comfortable life. But i choose to lead a life which is lower than the locals here.

It is hard to imagine myself eating foods that cost only $1plus for dinner. Sometimes when it is too tight, i will just eat stuffs that are less than $1. Going for haircut which will only cost me $2.50.

But i realised all these little savings will go a long way. If i keep my daily meal allowance to just 20,000Rp/day instead of 30,000Rp. In 10 days, i can save 100,000Rp and use them to top up my calling card. In the long run, the calling card will be self fund 70% if not 100%.

In the past, i already knew money will be an issue in a relationship, but never expect it to be so much of a burden. The people around me will never understand why. I think i am a loner to them by them when i never join them in outings. Even in outings, it also cost money which i do not like the feeling of spending it.

Hope i will be able to save at least 30% of my allowance here if not more. Haha. Nevertheless, this kind of life is not too bad at least will not be bother by any gals who are after money here cos i am broke too. Hehe.


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