True Forgiveness

Before i touched on this topic, i just wanted to update that because of the quarrel, this relationship maybe ending soon. I got another article on that but i just want to type this out before i forget.

There is a saying ‘Forgive and Forget’ and people keep using this phrase to teach others how to forgive. After this incident, i realised what true forgiveness really means.

In minor cases such as quarrels, there maybe one is right and one is wrong, both are wrong, both are right or half half. But no matter, as long as the words you used hurt the feeling of the other party even if you are in the right. And if you harbour any ill feeling or thoughts toward the other party. You must also seek forgiveness from the other party.

True forgiveness does not just mean that you who maybe in the right accept the apology of the other party and forget about the whole issue. Instead, you must likewise seek the forgiveness of the other party for the words you have used, feelings and thoughts. There must be a reconciliation from both parties instead of one sided. Only in that way, can it be considered true forgiveness.

So i end here. Maybe i will add on and post what i have written this afternoon.

Today is one of the day whereby i made one of the most peaceful decisions in my lifetime. I gave her the choice of whether to continue our relationship or not. Because i will be selfish if i am to make her wait for 3 years and in the end we are not meant for each other in God’s eyes.

Yet, i am not saying that it was a mistake from God that we are together in the first place. I believe everything has it’s purpose and it is all for the glory of God. We will make mistakes but never for my Father.

In 5 days time, it will be our 6th month together and i do not know if we will be still be together by then. But i am not worried about this now because i have the peace from God which passes all understanding. This peace is that not i know we will still be together, rather it is the promise and assurance that God has the best for me in my life and He will always be with me no matter what.

This time round when i talked her, i truly have let go in my heart. No more looking back or regrets if we are not together. In fact, i used to fear this day will come and it will be my darkest moment. Now it is not that, rather i see a bright future with my Father beside me. It is unlike the last time when i had so much regrets for saying it. The peace and love from my Father just fill me up.

It was today then i realised that all these while i am still on the journey of walking and bringing my ‘Isaac’ to where the altar is. Today is the moment whereby i have ‘killed’ my ‘Isaac’ so that God truly now take the No.1 throne and helm in my life.

If you were to ask me, ‘Do i love her’? It will be an obvious yes, if not how can our relationship be the ‘Isaac’ in my life. Still it is God who gives and takes, if He wants it back then i will accept it because He knows the best for me.

I am not saying my love for God is more and better than others. I acknowledge that i am weak and fragil, i do fall from times to times in my walk with God. But all i want is for my love for Him to be true.

What i can do at the end of the day to this debt of love except to love God with my all. I can love Him because He first loved me.

Thank You, Abba Father.


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