Can i trust her again?

The story is like this, when she asked me what do i want for Valentine Day present. I told her i wanted her to enjoy herself and also her pictures since she is broke to get me anything. So her reply was that she will pick out the nicer ones and pass it to me.

Thus when i was back the other time for my friend’s wedding, we celebrated V day earlier and when i asked her if she had prepared the pictures to pass it to me. She said ‘No’ because she was busy with all her stuffs and therefore no time to pick out the nicer pictures of hers. So i trusted her and be understanding towards her.

Furthermore, i asked her after that on our phone conversation if she will be passing the pictures to me when i am back the next time, she told me “Yes, after she has chosen the nicer ones”.

Moving on, we had a quarrel a few days ago when i said something tactlessly and when i mentioned that i was disappointed of not receiving her pictures the last time round, she told me that she is not comfortable of giving her pictures to others including her family members.

Yesterday, i told her that one of my friends commented on her that she seems to be the stubborn type. And her reply was that she is stubborn on the sense that she will stand firm on what is biblical and right. Later on in the afternoon, i posted her the question of will she still pass me her pictures, her reply is no. She said she did not want to disappoint me in
the first place and now it caused even more disappointment.

Right before all these, i have told her clearly that never promised me anything that she is unable to fulfil because i will rather be disappointed at the start then having the expectation and end up with more greater disappointment. I also asked her before that is white lie considered a lie? She told me it is and she cannot accept it, if there is nothing to hide, why lie.

But from yesterday, i realised that my trust on her is being betrayed when i am totally honest to her and yet she is doing what she does not like on me. She rather choose to let what she said be a lie instead of giving in and passing me the pictures which shows her stubbornness and another point to show that her clarification on her stubbornness is also a lie too.
At times, i feel she is always using her business as an excuse and expecting me to forgive her on not doing sometthing and be understanding. The pictures are a small issue but it is the lying part that really hurts me.

I know that if there are differences in the relationship, it can be resolved by each taking a step back. But when honesty is missing, i feel that nothing can be done about it. How i can trusted her again when she is the one who has double standard and not truthful, just wanting to drag the issue as long as possible till time makes it fades away?

I seriously need some advices because i have suffered much pain before from my good friends lying to me when i am truthful to them, now the one i love did the same thing to me.

Yours truly,


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