Shopping Spree

This afternoon my mood was quite bad. So what to do but go on a shopping spree to make myself feel better. Got myself one addias short and 2 Polo T. In total, i spent about $150 in one afternoon. I think it is alot for me but heck it. I should learn to treat myself better, why save and save and save to the max. Should live a normal life from now on.

Got myself an old game but cannot be played on my lappie. Super sian. Wanted to buy dvds but the person thought i do not know the price and try to mark up the price by 3 times. I just turned her down and never going back to the shop again. Even for mall, the most expensive should be 10,000RP for one, she tried to charge me 25,000Rp for one.

Really a sian day. Haiz.


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