Lots of questions fill my mind as i heard the news this week. What is of the Lord and what is not?

Even my non christian can tell me that no man should outshine the Lord. But when i see all these mega churches, i really wondered. Is a leading a humble life in the eyes of the Lord not that important as compared to showing the world how the Lord has bless one?

People often used king david and solomon as examples of how when you are walking with the Lord, you will be blessed also in material sense. Or even abraham and job. How often do we forget that king david and solomon had the kingship given to them by the Lord.

We are forgetting the NT apostles who were setting up churches for the Lord, doing the work of the Lord, yet did their rewards come in terms of worldly riches?

Are we also leaving out the facts that during the 40 days trials, it was the devil who promised honour, power and riches to be given to Jesus if He will only worship him?

Are the churches preaching what people like to hear and leaving all what people do not like to hear? Are we compromising the truth just for the reason of saving souls? If truth is not preached, then are the souls really saved? Love and Rightousness always go hand in hand. For God is a holy God.

Why do some churches allow their female members to dress up in short skirts or sexy clothing for worship? Do the leaders not know that it will bring across sinful thoughts to the male members?

Does reaching out to the world require a pastor’s wife to dress up in sexy clothes as well? Does it bring honour and glory to God? Will God wants souls to be saved in this way?

The power of salvation is in His words. Only the Holy Spirit can convict a person of his/her sins. Why are we trying all kinds of methods to be friendly with the world when it is God who is doing the work? Why not trust in the power of His words, the bible?

But how can people trust totally in the bible, when they allow man to translate it as they see it? Is the bible true and accurate only in its meaning but not its words? Why can’t people trust that God has the power to preserve His words down to every letters and dots. When are we accepting all kinds of translations without even questioning is it right?

My heart is grieving because of all these.


One Response to “Doubts”

  1. kimberly Says:

    hey dude, u leaving for china? catch up soon lah!
    u got my hp number right


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