All my fault now

I was not the one who wants things to be this way. Now all the MY friends are shooting me. Sounds like i am in the wrong. The problem is she chooses to do so. Breaking down communication because it is not her. I am not like seeing her week in week out or once in a forenight. If she does not share with me but always tell me nothing is going on in her life now. What can i do? I can share with her my life but i will not be able to know hers.

If communication comes to a point whereby i ask her 1 question then she gives me 1 or 2 sentences answer. Then there is no point at all. Relationship is a coming together of 2 different lives because they choose to do so. A sharing of lives and union to one. She closed her side.

I asked her if she will call me on her own if i never call her for 3 weeks to 1 month. Her only reply was only if she has something to share. When i pushed on to ask if like the previous 3 weeks, she got nothing to say, means she would not call. She said yes. So her heart is not with me anymore. Her love is gone. She is only staying on for some reasons which i do not know. Maybe our common friends or what. But i was torn apart by her answer.

Thank God that these few days there are still Chin Ee and Zhiyu by my side. If not i will collapse long ago.


One Response to “All my fault now”

  1. kimbarley Says:

    hey friend, you ok anot? heh………just went through rough patch too but God saved my life!

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