By myself

This time is the final one. No patching back or whatever. Decided to move on.

But i am glad for Gemi who opened up my heart during my talk with her. Like her, she is not willing to give it one more try because it is affected her walk with God. If this is so, then let it be. Beforehand i know that it will come to this point.

Maybe if it is God will then when i am back in Singapore the next time, we will meet again. As of now, i decided to delete her from my life totally. No longer as friends or what. 2 more events to meet up with her, taking back my stuffs and for our friends wedding. That will be all.

Just like what God has asked Gemi, i will choose to answer back in the same way. If He does not granted any of my prayers for my whole life nor gives me anything that i want, will i still love Him? I will choose and live to answer like Gemi ‘Yes i shall’. This question helps to soften the damage because i know He has a plan for me in my life. But i shall learn from this relationship and not repeat the same thing for my next one.

All thanks to Him alone.


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