There is still a small part inside that is raging. One part of me wanted to find someone to blame for all these so badly that i cannot contain it anymore. Who should i blame, myself, her or God?

So many things are making me confused, all different theologies and i cannot comprehend them. I am becoming more and more confused and forgetful. Where can i start from in order to find an answer to all these questions? Lots and lots of questions left unanswered.

I find that i am not myself more and more as the days go by. What is going on in my life for now? I do not know myself anymore.

If You can, Lord, help me find myself once again.


One Response to “Raging”

  1. kimbarley Says:

    its good that you’re being so honest before God. i think the recovery process works a lot better and faster when people are honest with themselves. and oh yah, you’re sharing it with others on a blog

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