Finally the email came on thursday after pestering them for so long. Now i am going to China. Will be back on Singapore on thursday evening first which is the 3rd of June. Maybe flying off again the week after. So to those friends who are reading my blog unlike that previous someone, do sms me if you want to meet up. I will gladly keep my time for you.

After thinking through, i realised the main problem that caused our downfall of the relationship is the lack of communication. Not as in words but the courage to say out what she really feels. Not that i am blaming her for this, but i think to a certain extent, it caused us to quarrel unnecessarily. I will not find someone who cannot communicate at all again. I think it is good that we broke up because i do have high expectations afterall.

Because of this, i talked to one of my Uni friends, she also chose to break up with her boyfriend. She has been with her boyfriend for years even since before Uni days and she also knows that her boyfriend is those perfect with nothing to pick on one. Yet because of someone new, she chose to break up and follow the new one because her boyfriend is working overseas too.

So not looking for any long distance relationship anymore. Hard to work out even with the same faith. So do let me know for those who are interested. Haha.


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