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Back for 2 weeks

June 4, 2010

The feeling of coming back to Singapore this time is totally different from the rest. There are some friends whom i need no even ask from them, they will think of coming to fetch me back. As for her, i still need to ask her to come the last time round. If not she will just not do anything, i was not even on her mind.

There are too many letdowns from her in this relationship which makes me think if she was wearing a mask all these while. She does not remember a thing about this relationship not even why we got together in the first place.

A person who has put in efforts in her whole life does not believe in effort in maintaining a relationship. What a joke. Wanting to take the easy way out of life.

The first woman who i feel like throwing my fist at her because of her actions, i will not say anything nice or be dipolmatic because it is not who i am right now. She will still do that because of her need to maintain a nice image in front of others and our friends. Is she really that nice? Maybe to friends but not boyfriend or husband.