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July 5, 2010

Been almost a few months since i last posted. Right now, i am in Rizhao. Thank God that i am not alone here as my bosses are Singaporeans too and we have lunch and dinnder often together. It is nice to have company here.

Being doing some thinking, not to be bad to her but truly i have told her before that if i chose her in the past for looks, she will never make it into my list at all. If her character is not what i think it is anymore, then what more can i love her for? Facing a liar is not what i want for the rest of my life.

For a start, there are alot of frustrations that i have here before i got myself into my current department. I do not know what to do here for Him. Not even a single church building in sight. But i am also in a slump now because of that.

Just pray that everything will be well soon.