Where art my heart?

Has not been blogging for a long time. Since like i have nothing much to say now these days. Everyday is just a passing day to me. What meaning does it hold for now?

I am glad that there are still friends who care for me. Felt happy for Dylan on his ROM this coming Oct. Actually i do not know what to feel for my job here. For a normal person, he will be happy because that there are chances here for me to meet the higher management people because my bosses are bringing me around. Easy for me to climb the ladder here rather than in SG where everyone is the same.

But i felt like i have forgotten what i have came here for. No church here, no people who are christian and i do not even read my bible now. I do not know what am i doing anymore. When i first got this job and her, there was so much hope for the future. There are still some bitterness in my heart of all that have happened.

Father, where art my heart? I am lost for what to do. What am i becoming of now? Why did You leave me all alone now? What is right and what is wrong? How did people view me in the first place? Can’t they still contact me with her? I do not understand myself or people anymore.


2 Responses to “Where art my heart?”

  1. kimberly Says:

    Hm, ok this sounds really tough for now but I would see it as a tough period where you can see God stretch you to become stronger inside and able to help others in similar situations next time. Time is a healing factor, always remember that.

  2. ahwei Says:

    I was reading news about my hometown rizhao and the next thing is I came across to your blog. Blessings from a stranger, wish u could walk out of the dark side soon.

    Just to let you know there is Christian churches in Rizhao or in Qingdao, I bet there are Christian churches in every city now in China.
    Here’s the address of a Christian church in Rizhao:

    I’d not bother to translate it into English, ’cause that would be more confusing. Tip: if you feeling like going to a church when you are new to a place, just hop into a cab and you’ll be right.

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