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In Rizhao once again

October 12, 2010

Back here once more after my trip from Singapore. My trip back had did me some good. Met up with my friends and had a nice time over there. It is good not to take someone else into consideration while planning my time. Feel happy to make one new friend or rather not. But met up with one of my NTU online after a few years of chatting online, got to know one another by accident. Haha.

At least, i still have some faith in God after my trip. I realised i really need fellow brothers and sisters to support me in what i do. But she never understand this, have no need for someone like her who does not and will never understand.

One more of my friends is leaving. Sad but good for her. I still have to tough it out until i fulfiled what i have promised Him. I pray that i will be able to once again speak to Him and let me be a vessel once more.