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Walking Out

December 14, 2010

Some events happen and i will not be moving to Nanjing anytime soon, but it is sort of ok with me as i will be doing some other stuffs here. One guy told me something which i find it is quite true. It does not matter where you work but how many friends you have over there.

I have plenty of friends here, thought many are also leaving but i have gained some power here so at least i am at some level. My effort is being known here by lots of people.

At least someone has left me one post on where is the church in Rizhao, i do not know how will it be like but i know it is for me as how timley it seems to be when i am staying here longer.

In someone too, i saw a shadow of myself as i treat her and it is really stressful in some ways but then that person shared the same theory as me which i may not be able to carry it out for now. After sometimes, i realised i am a bird without wings, cannot be tied down to anything. I like my freedom very much.