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June 19, 2011

Been working for the past 2 weeks but i do not feel happy with what i am doing now. Mostly due to the job scope i have been given, not as much learning as what i do expected in the first place.

Maybe i wanted to achieve too much stuffs within the shortest period of time. Too rush.

Putting work aside will be choosing a birthday present for my god sister whose birthday is coming soon in July.

Just heard the news from Cindy that she broke up with her ex bf again. But this is within my expectation. I am not surprised at this. Just that it happened sooner than i expected it.

What is life about? Do we go out all and please someone that we like even if some of the things we do not like it ourselves? My friend in China told me that for marriage just find someone whom you can accept as a whole. Sometimes the one you like may not be the most suitable for you.

But when this is apply to God, the whole thing changes. Now i am getting confused on my concept of love.


What’s there

June 2, 2011

It has been sometimes since i am back in Singapore. Lotsa of things happen and i do not really know what i want now. Signed up for CFA and exams on this Dec so i must really mug all the way during weekends too.

I need to find a church but not sure where can i go to? Where is a place for me? I have not been able to fulfil my vows to You and i am not close to You anymore. What is this in my life? Brokeness, shame, sins and what else? I am no longer the man i used to be.