What’s there

It has been sometimes since i am back in Singapore. Lotsa of things happen and i do not really know what i want now. Signed up for CFA and exams on this Dec so i must really mug all the way during weekends too.

I need to find a church but not sure where can i go to? Where is a place for me? I have not been able to fulfil my vows to You and i am not close to You anymore. What is this in my life? Brokeness, shame, sins and what else? I am no longer the man i used to be.


One Response to “What’s there”

  1. kimberly Says:

    I read this christian pychology/counselling book that personally helped me a LOT. u read liao can apply to your own life and help others too.
    its called “Changes that heal” by Dr. Henry Cloud. can buy from tecman or mass media (crusade)

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